Concept & Strategy

An individually designed, intelligent machine control system is the basis for the above-average performance of a KROENERT line.

Our electric engineering department develops the production line control. With their vast experience they can pick up and implement on the high technical requirements for processes and performance potential as well as the general continuous development in electronics.

Using SIEMENS or Rockwell/Allen Bradley hardware for drives and programmable logic controls (PLC), all drive concepts are developed, designed, and manufactured. This way we ensure that our production lines are always state-of-the-art technology.


We aim at non-complicated, simple and cost-efficient operation of the entire production line. For this purpose, we reduce the complexity in the operating processes to the necessary minimum. We provide clarity and transparency and focus on clear systems and traceability.

A repetitive modular design of the drive and control system ensures stable and secure processes.

Further, it provides reduced costs of maintenance by faster error localisation.