Interview with Marcel Mueter

Please introduce yourself shortly!

My name is Marcel Müter, I am 23 years of age, single and live in Schleswig-Holstein. Since 2018-04-01, I work for KROENERT as fitter for coating and laminating production lines.

What have you done before joining KROENERT?

My first steps were during my apprenticeship as system mechanic at EON Hanse AG, later Hansewerk. From there I went to their subsidiary Schleswig-Holstein Netz AG and to Piepenbrock Instandhaltung GmbH where I was able to gain professional experience. Currently I am in a further education program to be a technician.

How did KROENERT get onto your radar?

I heard about KROENERT from my former teacher at vocational school during my apprenticeship. He was an engineer at their daughter company Drytec. In addition, KROENERT is an internationally and nationally renowned company in the web-processing industry.

What did you find attractive about KROENERT?

I was fascinated by Kroenert's role in making special machinery. Every machine made by Kroenert has its individual character is is tailor-made to the customer. Therefore, all process steps differ from each other and we are constantly facing new challenges. In addition, this company is family-owned. So far, I can only confirm this personal atmosphere.

What are your goals in working as fitter for coating and laminating production lines?

As a fitter for coating and laminating production lines I aim to acquire more and more knowledge by the by, to constantly keep up my professional development and to grow with the coming tasks and installations.

In your opinion, what it is that makes a fitter?

A good fitter is characterised by commitment, care, inquisitiveness and technical understanding.

What is your life motto?

Personalities are not shaped by pretty speeches but by their own work and achievement.