KROENERT – combining Tradition and Innovation

Since 1903 the name KROENERT has been synonymous with the development and production of customised coating, printing and laminating lines.

Today, with more than 400 employees and several thousand installations globally, KROENERT is the international market leader in the development and sales of machines and lines for the processing of web materials for both production and laboratory conditions. The combination of tradition, experience and innovative concepts produces enormously efficient lines at the highest levels of technology.

Excellent Product Quality

KROENERT combines decades of expertise with the latest production technology, producing first-class, efficient machines which perform at the highest levels of productivity.

KROENERT lines feature

  • Web widths from 100 up to 3.300 mm
  • Application thicknesses (dry) from 30 nanometer to 3 millimeter
  • Processing speeds from 0,1 up to 2.000 m/min

Proven System Designs

The modular design of the lines from individual components enables a wide variety of applications and the long-term extensibility of existing lines, making for good security of investment. And as a special service KROENERT offers you various test lines at the Hamburg Technology Center (link), where your processes can be tested under production conditions before you invest in a new line.

Knowledge and Experience

The  best solution for your needs – precisely this, and no less, is the goal of the KROENERT specialists. Only when every individual component is correct does your line go into production.

Comprehensive Service

At KROENERT, our service doesn’t end with installation. A team of specialists will first assist you in analyzing your needs, support you in developing your process, supervise your trial runs in the Technology Center and assemble a turnkey line. Specialist teams ensure global maintenance, repairs and delivery of replacement part – promptly and competently.

And when your line needs to upgraded or replaced, KROENERT’s experts are at hand.