Interview with Lutz Böwe

Please introduce yourself shortly!

My name is Lutz Böwe, I am 29 years of age, freshly engaged and I've been considering Hamburg my chosen home for almost 10 years. Since 201701-01, I work in sales and distribution for KROENERT.

What have you done before joining KROENERT?

I took my first steps in international business during my combined study and training program in a small trade company in Hamburg. From there on, I jumped directly to international trade for production lines in the paper and packaging industry; that position enabled me to travel and to get to know most different markets and cultures.

How did KROENERT get onto your radar?

KROENERT is an internationally renowned and esteemed company in the webprocessing industry. I came across the company several times during trade fairs and in projects. When I heard that there was an open position in sales and distribution, the news came at the perfect time for a change.

What did you find attractive about KROENERT?

Apart from their high profile and position, I was interested in KROENERT as a manufacturer of special machinery. This positioning allows discovering many different markets and industries. In addition, this company is still familyowned. For me, working in a family-owned business always had and still has a strong appeal. And so far, this has been fully confirmed by the open and informal atmosphere here.

What are your aims in sales and distribution?

With my daily work I want to contribute to making our customers return to KROENERT with their individual products and/or their production because they feel comfortable here. And I also want to help in detecting the potential of various innovations and entering new markets.

What does that mean precisely?

I would like to keep looking after existing customers, visiting them on site, during trade fairs and other events but also in everyday contact, in the best possible way, and to establish new contacts. For this purpose, I need to find out the future challenges of these customers and to deal with these issues.

In your opinion, what it is that makes a good sales and distribution employee?

A good salesperson is very communicative and will always have an open ear for their customers and colleagues. They can see both chances and possible risks in the market. Most important, of course, is the ability to convince the customer of the real added value of a product as well as the existing strengths and values of a company. Just a cheap price is easy, everybody can offer that.

What drives you every day?

I want to drop into bed in the evening knowing that I created some kind of added value. Be it for my colleagues and the company, for the problems of my customers, for my friends and family, for myself or just for worldwide coffee consumption.

What is your life motto?

When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others windmills.
(Chinese proverb)