Interview with Alaa Mouih

Please introduce yourself shortly!

I am 34 years of age and originally from Morocco, but until 2015 I lived in Italy for 12 years. There I worked in a company specialised in the production of pipe fittings and accessories for the gas and water industries for 7 years. This enabled me to gather wide experience in the industry. My hobbies are listening to and making music, sports and travelling.

How did KROENERT get onto your radar?

As part of a trade-specific language class, I did an internship at KROENERT. I found the placement by searching the internet and applied for it.

What did you find attractive about KROENERT?

Several issues struck me as particularly positive and aroused my interest. These are in particular the pleasant work atmosphere and the friendly and respectful colleagues. Furthermore, KROENERT is an international and successful company that allows me to get a step further in my professional goals.

Tell us more about your career at KROENERT.

My career at KROENERT began with my internship during which I felt well supported. I could performs different tasks in assembly and enjoyed it. After the internship, I knew that I wanted to work on my professional future in this company and I expressed that desire at HR. Luckily, this decision or rather this idea was reciprocal and I was accepted as apprentice.
The apprenticeship program gives me many new and exciting experiences that motivate me every day and reinforce my decision to become an industrial mechanic.

Which goals do you pursue as apprentice for the occupational training as industrial mechanic?

I hope to be able to master the main tasks in this industry such as precise assembly of machine components and to check their functions.

In your opinion, what it is that makes an industrial mechanic?

A good industrial mechanic is characterised by skill, care and technical understanding.

What drives you every day?

I learn new tasks every day and continue learning.

What is your life motto?

No pains, no gains.