A Company with a Future

Development is the top priority at KROENERT. In order to ensure that your lines are always at the forefront of technology and we can find innovative solutions for your requirements, KROENERT keeps its eye on the future.

However, this vision requires a solid foundation: the tradition of over 110 years of company history. Knowledge and experience form the foundation for new development.

Milestones in the company history

In the course of the company’s history there have been many events which have impacted on the company as well as the entire field of mechanical engineering.

1903 Establishment of Maschinenfabrik Max Kroenert
1922 First coating and laminating machine for wax and paraffin
1936 First aluminum / paper laminating line
1958 First RECO for dry laminating
1968 First self-adhesive label hotmelt line
1978 Development of multi-roll coating processes for solvent-free siliconization
1984 Development  PAK 400 EP for epoxy resin coating
1994 Development  MPG 600 CI doctor chamber blade
1999 First line with curtain coating technology
2002 Patents: development of edge control technology for curtain coating
2003 Patent for process for emulsion adhesive coating using curtain coating
2004 Operational launch of widest and fastest R&D line in the world
2005 Patent: edge exhaust for curtain coating technology
2008 Development of sleeve technology for screen roller coating
2009 World record, solvent-free laminating at 800 m/min
2010 First line for coating of battery electrodes
2010 Introduction to market of Labco narrow web line
2011 Development of bead coat coating process
2012 Introduction to market of modular MCO 5000
2012 Patent: intermittent coating with slot die
2014 First inline OPV production line


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