Mission Statement

The companies KROENERT, BMB and DRYTEC operate independently in the market under the corporate umbrella of ATH (Altonaer-Technologie Holding). Operating profits are largely reinvested, thus enabling innovation. Profits distributed are allocated mainly to charitable foundations.


KROENERT, BMB and DRYTEC are active in the field of coating technology and deliver turnkey systems as well as components and solutions customized to our clients’ needs.  Our company combines the tradition of more than 110 years with the innovations of today to meet the challenges of the future. We offer our customers top-quality products.


We are the driving force in development of technology. We are clearly recognized by our customers and our business partners as market and technology leaders. We successfully push new and traditional technologies which enrich people’s lives and protect the environment.


Trust and Reliability

We are reliable and accountable to our business partners and our employees. Our employees have the necessary authority and power to make decisions and to work on their own initiative and responsibility. We are well aware of our community and social responsibilities. We have confidence in our strengths and abilities and are not dependent on the weaknesses of others.

Respectful Interaction

We recognize and appreciate the integrity and the inviolability of others. Criticism is not aimed at people, rather at their behavior.

Entrepreneurial Attitude

We are aware of the impact of our behaviors on the entire company environment. We recognize risks and opportunities and manage them responsibly. We handle the resources and assets of our company with care.

Open to Change

We create an environment in which the processes of learning and change, with the goal of permanent optimization, become a matter of course. We promote the curiosity and creativity of our employees and always act according to the motto “Nothing is impossible”.  


We make our own decisions; nobody decides for us!