KROENERT – a modern company with a century of tradition

People all over the world celebrated the new millennium, the predicted computer catastrophe did not appear. With the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 terrorism achieved a new climax. Space research reached Mars, Mark Zuckerberg started the social network Facebook, and in Europe the Euro replaced the national currencies. An earthquake and the resulting Tsunami in Japan caused the largest nuclear reactor catastrophe world-wide to date.

Germany elected their first female chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the legendary headline „Wir sind Papst!“ ("We are Pope") commented on the inauguration of Joseph Ratzinger as pope Benedict XVI. With tablet PCs and mobile phones, people are now online any time and anywhere.

In 2002, the Maschinenfabrik Max Kroenert and its affiliated firm ZAE were transferred to a holding. The ATH, Altonaer Technologie Holding GmbH, combined the results of the two companies. A further addition to the Kroenert portfolio was the purchase of the Swiss competitor BMB Bachofen + Meier AG.

The Burkhard Meyer Foundation, set up and founded in 2003 with the use of shares held by the family, mainly supports research and science in the field of cancer of children.

The company officially changes its name to KROENERT GmbH & Co KG. The machine portfolio is continuously adjusted to the current market needs. For example, the renowned systems RECO and PAK were supplemented by LabCo for small-scale production and the modular MCO 5000.

Today, KROENERT is the world's market leader in the field of lamination and coating machines, they produce about 40 lines per year for customers in every country of the world. The Research and Development Department is still one of the most important departments in the company, because standstill is not known in the company's philosophy – there is always room for something more!